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In our spotlight is a real classis fruit game called Multi Player:

The “Multi Player” slot machine is a machine that can often be found in the smoking area of a casino (or near it). Why? We don’t know! We guess it’s so that veteran gamblers can get straight back to this machine once they’re done with their smoke break, because this machine certainly is worth it. It’s great for people who don’t mind investing a little bit of money, because it can pay you back its weight in gold. The minimum bet is 2 euros, and you are obligated to use the heads-or-tails feature after your first spin. This feature has its upside and downside: It either means you double your earnings, or you lose it all. The maximum bet on this machine is 8 Euros, but since every turn costs you 40 cents you might find you’ll run out of those 8 euros fast. In our European summit list of fruitmachines apps a real must have.

How do I win points on Multi Player?

After playing the base-game for a while, you’ll find you have earned credits. You have earned these credits by making combinations of three out of matching symbols. These symbols are traditional symbols like BAR, cherries and bells. Every symbol has a different value. The BAR combination is the most valuable, and will earn you the most points. The Multi Player slot machine is a very simple, straight-forward machine. That can be great for veterans to gambling, but beginners might get bored with its simple mechanics. However way you see the machine, it’s still great to use for practice.

A machine for professionals

People who like having a go at a fruit machine for fun every now and then will quickly get bored with Multi Player. There are no flashy features, no exciting animations or even bonus symbols. It’s honestly the most authentic slot machine you’ll find on the internet that looks exactly like the slot machines from “the old days”. These kinds of machines can be very rewarding, but the chances of winning can be quite small. A lot of professionals like the simplicity of the Multi Player, though. In our European Summit of Fruit machines this one is a real keeper!