NetEnt is a very successful developer of online casino games, including slot machines and video slot machines. Star Burst is no exception; it is one of the most popular online fruit machines in Europe. The success of the game has been on the rise for years, and shows no signs of dwindling in popularity at all. You can find Star Burst slot machines in gambling halls and casinos, but it is mostly played online. It is simple and easy to play, and often online casinos will offer free spins for this game as a sign-up bonus. It is not a slot machine known for big prizes, but rather small to medium sized prizes more frequently than other slot machines. This gives you the feeling that Star Burst is not only easy, but that it is an easy slot machine to win money on.

Free spins in the bonus game

Many modern slot machines have different features, play styles and game modes. Star Burst is no exception to this rule. It has a bonus game that you can play often, and it is an exciting addition to an already fun game. You’re striving to get “wilds”. These “wilds” are jokers that can stand for any kind of symbol, which greatly increases your chances of making a winning combination. Three “wilds” on a single reel will earn you one free spin. You have ten ways to win, regardless of whether you are playing the top-game or the bottom-game. Add these facts together, and you’ll quickly see why exactly Star Burst is such a popular game, right?

Star Burst is undeniably popular

Star Burst is a game that is on its way to become a classic of our time. It will most definitely stay popular (and even rise in popularity) for a long time. It looks attractive, and it’s easy to play with big chances of winning. It is a slot machine that attracts people from all ages. Star Burst can be played by veteran gamblers, but beginners have had success with it as well. When playing, Star Burst, you’ll constantly get the feeling that the jackpot is just within arms’ reach. Are you ready to take on Star Burst and test your luck?