Twin Player Fruit machine

The Twin Player slot machine is unique. No, really. We’re not exaggerating; this machine is fun to play. You get to play on two fruit machines at the same time, and this means you could win big. You can find the Twin Player in a lot of casinos, and it’s popular because there’s a bunch of features and customizable options. You can set the bet for each individual round. Once you put money in the machine, it will convert it to credits. Every credit equals 10 cents, and every turn will cost you at minimum four credits, though the maximum amount of credits you can bet is 80. The name “Twin Player” is obviously because you can play on two slot machines at the same time, but you don’t necessarily have to. The machine lets you choose if you’d rather play on one, or use both slot machines in Twin Player. Just make sure you let the game know before your first spin, so it doesn’t get confused. You can earn credits in Twin Player by making combinations of matching symbols, and if you manage to do this in both slot machines, you’ll earn more.

Win more in the top-game

The Twin Player has a top-game and a base-game, or “bottom game”. Making winning combinations in the top-game will earn you more credits. Three money bag symbols on a reel will give you the maximum prize of 2000 credits. You’re going to need some skill to use this machine, because you need to pay attention to two separate slot machines at the same time. It is important to keep a close eye on both, because you don’t want to run out of credits because you haven’t been paying attention. This is especially important if you decide to raise the stakes by betting higher; you must keep a close eye on your credits, or else…

Try the fruit machine for free

Almost all the slot machines you can find in casinos have been converted into online games. You don’t even have to pay for these games anymore; you can practice on them for free with fake credits. All the money you “earn” in practice mode is not actually real money. However, practicing a slot machine online is a great way to learn your way around a certain slot machine.